About BIOR Biotech

BIOR Biotech is a dynamic “start-up type” project under the umbrella of Revol TT Consulting. Positioned as a leading technology entity in Europe, spearheads innovation with a formidable force of approximately 150 permanent specialists, further bolstered by a cadre of external experts.

Our multidisciplinary approach spans various sectors, including Plasma Fusion Energy, Particle Accelerators Technology, the Semiconductor Industry, Biotechnology, and various industrial realms. From our headquarters in Slovakia, Central Europe, we extend our cutting-edge services to research entities and progressive companies globally. Our offerings include Research & Development, Engineering, Software Engineering, Automation, Precise Manufacturing, Testing, and Integrations, among others.

Introducing BIOR Biotech

BIOR Biotech stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, especially in the Biotechnology and Fertilizer industries. Our team is a dynamic assembly of scientists, microbiologists, soil biologists, engineers, machine learning experts, and more, all united in their quest to redefine the boundaries of biotechnology.

Our mission is clear: to pioneer advanced technologies for the cultivation of effective soil microorganisms and the enhancement of plant nutrition. Our goal is to diminish the dependence on synthetic fertilizers through the development of groundbreaking technology. With a keen focus on sustainable agriculture, BIOR Biotech is dedicated to advocating for and facilitating a transition towards the utilization of natural soils, thereby revolutionizing agricultural practices.

At BIOR Biotech, we are not just about creating alternatives; we are about setting new standards. Join us as we pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future in agriculture.