life back to the soil.


We are solving one of the biggest, most challenging and urgent problems of humankind.  The problem of extreme degradation of soil quality and vitality. The problem caused by the current approach of modern agriculture and extensive use of synthetic fertilizer.

25-75% Reduction in synthetic fertilizer use

Within 1 to 4 years you are able to significantly reduce use of synthetic fertilizers by increasing life in your soil.

15 Additional key benefits

Promoting optimal growth, enhancing resilience to disease, drought, and other stresses, sustainable nutrientabsorption, encouraging longer root development.

Overall increase in soil quality

Increasing biodiversity, reducing soil compaction, achieving optimal soil lumpiness, enhancing water management.

Return on Investment in less than 1 year

With just a 25% reduction in synthetic fertilizer use and minimal ongoing costs, the investment will prove itself in less than 1 year.

Fully automated & Al powered machine

BIOR is designed to operate almost autonomously, minimizing user input while ensuring stability and quality. It runs 24/7 without the need for interventions.

Bringing CO2 emissions to almost 0.

The synthetic fertilizer industry is known for its high energy consumption, CO2 production, and pollution from transportation costs. With BIOR, these issues are eliminated.

Why is this approach so revolutionary?

  • Up to 75% reduction in nitrogen fertilizer costs
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Enhancing soil health
  • Protecting biodiversity
  • Mitigating water pollution
  • Sustainable nutrient absorption
  • Long-term soil fertility
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Minimizing transport emissions
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How BIOR technology works

BIOR stands for “BIO Reactor” a revolutionary technology that is the first in the world to allow continuous cultivation of soil microorganisms, essential for the correct functioning of the soil. BIOR is intended to be used on every farm worldwide and is designed accordingly. It features a fully autonomous setup and process, controlled by cutting-edge AI and optical microscopy.

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How BIOR process works




Acquiring the BIOR machine.



Soil samples

Collect soil samples following the specified procedure and send them to our nearest laboratory.



Microbial analysis

We conduct microbial analysis of your soil. This is not a chemical analysis to identify elements, but rather an assessment that reveals the level of biological activity in your soil and identifies any missing components.



Custom bacteria

Get a tailor-made bacterial culture prepared specifically for your needs, based on comprehensive analysis and your unique plans.



Continual cultivation

Plug & Play autonomous solution. Just add the bacteria, connect to a water supply and an affordable, standard cultivation medium, and the machine will handle the rest. Capable of producing up to 1200 liters in 24 hours.



Quality Inspection

Benefit from a fully autonomous and AI-powered quality inspection process. This system continuously analyzes over 15 process. parameters and employs autonomous microscopy, combined with AI, for both qualitative and quantitative analysis.




Incorporate directly into the soil alongside the seeds during the sowing process. This method allows for an immediate reduction of synthetic fertilizer usage by 25% within the first year.

Our team

“With over seven years of dedicated development, our dynamic team comprises over 80 highly skilled individuals including scientists, engineers, developers, AI specialists and manufacturing experts. Together, our team brings a wealth of expertise to ensure the success of our endeavours. Meet the passionate minds who are pushing our technological boundaries and creating impactful solutions.“

Natalia Faragoova
Chief Soil Microbiologist bior logo
Andrej Jedlicka
Chief Scientific Officer bior logo
Vladimir Hrivnak
Chief of Engineering & Development bior logo
Tomas Vavro
CEO / Development bior logo

Thanks to partners

The project benefits from the Norway Grants and the State Budget of the Slovak Republic find out more.

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