Who is BIOR for?

BIOR Biotech aims to be “on every farm in the world”. In addition to offering an unprecedented amount of positive biological and environmental impacts, BIOR is also designed to be easy affordable and easy to operate, ensuring that everyone can benefit from it.

We keep this goal in mind in our global impact analysis:

There are an estimated 650 million farms around the world:

  • 72% are smaller than 1 ha (468 million farms) —-> BaaS
  • 12% between 1 ha–2 ha (78 million farms) —-> BaaS
  • 10% between 2 ha–5 ha (65 million farms)—-> BaaS
  • 3% between 5 ha–10 ha (19.5 million farms) —-> BaaS
  • 1% between 10 ha–20 ha (6.5 million farms) —-> BaaS
  • 1.3% 20 ha–300 ha (8.45 million farms) —-> from BaaS to 2 years of ROI
  • 0.7% over 300 ha (4.55 million farms) —-> up to 1 year of ROI

BaaS – BIOR as a Service – is a scenario in which you obtain BIOR and provide service to many smaller farmers in your region. With BIOR’s production capacity, you can serve up to 2000 microfarms in your region.

ROI – Return On Investment – within a very short period of time (1–3 years) is a unique attribute derived from a calculation formula. This formula includes Farm size multiplied by the cost of synthetic fertilizers per hectare, plus transportation and application costs, compared to the savings impact of reduced fertilizer use (25–75%), plus the purchase and operational costs of the machine.

For farms of 300 ha and larger, investing in your own BIOR Biotech can pay off within just 1 year.